What We Learned Wearing Nice Clothes for a Day

The other day was an occasion where we had to get all dressed up (think slacks, button-down, belt, socks, shiny shoes and all). A far cry from the everyday board shorts, stained t-shirt, and bare feet.

We learned quite a bit about ourselves and modern society from having to wear “nice clothes”…

Source: LeadPeople

Source: LeadPeople

We learned…

+ Why people eat with a fork and knife.

Suddenly eating with our fingers (our typical habit) is impossible. Trying to keep our fancy clothes clean means eating with utensils.

+ Why people clean their car.

Our car is full of kite surfing gear, treasures found at yard sales that we haven’t taken out of the car, dirty dishes, and plenty of sand and soil. It never had bothered us until we had to keep our clothes clean.

+ Why people drive everywhere.

Walking in fancy shoes (or shoes in general) is painful.

+ Why lawyers and business men are pissed all the time.

Your shoes are nipping at your toes, you’re afraid of anything touching you and getting you dirty… No wonder lawyers and business men are pissed all the time. They are uncomfortable as all get out. It all makes sense now!

+ Why people feel like they need to work all the time and make loads of money.

One foul drip of chocolate ice cream is the same as throwing $200 into the garbage disposal. Well, the shirt we bought was $30, but we know some people pay quite a sum more than that for a nice button-down.

+ Fancy pant fabric is light and breezy.

Who would have thought that the right slacks are light, breezy, and make perfect mosquito pants! While we probably won’t be dressing up again anytime soon, these pants are going to get a lot of wear as garden pants, keeping mosquitoes off our legs in our tropical environment. So, needless to say, these pants will soon be covered in dirt.

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