Video: Kids Like Worms

It is interesting to observe the contrasts between children and adults in their reaction to worms. Adults shy away in disgust while children lean towards in intrigue.

We have been so programmed in our culture to fear dirt and bacteria and bugs, when there is so much knowledge and healing in these things. We have the power to heal the earth, and ourselves, through collaborate with the bugs and microbes.

At Maui New Earth, we treat our worms as the MVP’s that they are – the ultimate earth maker. By planting and spreading the food they like to eat and never tilling the soil (or even taking a shovel to the dirt after a garden is made) we always prioritize the lives of our worm friends.

Challenge yourself by going outside, sticking your hands in the soil, and seeing what sort of earth-makers you find. Whether it’s a worm or beetle or slug, they all play a role in the interconnected network of life. If you have a kid, ask them if they will show you where the worms hang out.

So let’s hear from you – how do worms make you feel?

2 thoughts on “Video: Kids Like Worms

  1. Aloha Eddie. It’s so rad to see your progress. Creating your dream and going for it! I’ve recently found your site and wanted to say wazup.

    • Aloha, How are you man?!
      Right on. Stay in touch – we’re adding new stuff often.

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