Recommended Products

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Climbing Tree Stand (for coconuts)

Piteba Oil Expeller Press



Sun Oven

Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap

Cedarwood Oil

Big Berkey Water Filter

5-Gallon Glass Carboys

S-Shape Airlock

Holiday 2.4-cu ft Gas Range

This model has a gas pilot light (rather than an electric coil heat element) so you do not need electricity to work it. Super efficient and can be used with a simple propane tank, natural gas, or can be converted to methane.

Coldpressed, Unrefined, Organic Coconut Oil

Manual Sugar Cane Juicer




Outback Marine Inverter

Steca Solar Refrigerator/Freezer

This freezer can be run freestanding with no batteries, by hooking directly up to 300 W solar panel and small regulator. It can run directly off the sun. By freezing ice blocks (1-gallon jugs of water), the freezer will regulate it’s own heat at night when it turns off so you can run this freezer with no batteries.

Solar Panels

Solar Pond Pumps

Whisper Wind Generator



Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Mann Lake Assembled 10-Frame Hive Kit

Mann Lake Assembled 10-Frame Super Kit

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