Reader Q&A: Details on Worms & Vetiver Composting

This post is answering a few questions that D Rogers posted in the comments section of our last post:
How often do you add the pond water?

You can add the pond water as often as you like – depends on how many water changes you want to do out of your pond. At minimum, once per week.

How many worms per pile?

The piles we make are long “buns” (20 ft long, 3 ft wide) with 1-2 pounds of worms per pile, added at the start. Their numbers will increase exponentially as time goes by. You keep stacking vetiver on it as your vetiver grows and as your worms decompose it. We also like to throw bamboo leaves into the pile to increase IMO’s (indigenous microorganisms).



Are multiple small piles better than one big one?

One big/long pile is better – you want the worms to migrate through it.


Do you turn the piles?

No turning the pile. The worms turn it. This is not thermophallic composting. Thermophallic composting is a chemical process having to do with Nitrogen heating the pile up. Our piles are cold. Our’s are broken down more through fungus and microbial action, and the worms.


Is shade or direct sun better for the piles?

Shade is better for the piles, but they also work in the sun.

Is that grass [vetiver] common on Maui?

Vetiver isn’t common on maui, but we have tons of it. We would be happy to turn you on to some. Email us, and we’ll get you a vetiver start for free :)


Mahalo, D Rogers, for the great questions! We love answering everyone’s questions – leave a comment with your questions and we will be sure to answer them.

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