Earthworms & Vetiver Building Mineral-Rich Soil

WORMS ARE SOIL BUILDERS They bring material up from deep in their tunnels and use grit inside their gizzards to break down rocks and other materials in the soil. They bring minerals¬†to the surface and eat the droppings of leaf litter worms along with several other funguses and molds and organic materials on the surface. […]

Video: Kids Like Worms

It is interesting to observe the contrasts between children and adults in their reaction to worms. Adults shy away in disgust while children lean towards in intrigue. We have been so programmed in our culture to fear dirt and bacteria and bugs, when there is so much knowledge and healing in these things. We have […]

Asian Prawns: A Technique for Eating Maui

As we step closer to beginning our challenge of eating only foods we pick, harvest, catch, forage for, kill, we are practicing the techniques we will be needing to ensure adequate variety in our diet. One of these techniques is catching prawns. So off we went the night of the new moon to a nearby […]

How to Prep a Nutmeg Seed for Planting

Nutmeg, a favorite spice for the holidays, has a surprising aesthetic element! The red wax-like arils that surround the seed are removed and dried to make the spice, mace. We are excited to have happened upon this seed – the tree will make a delightful addition to the Maui New Earth lab’s food forest.

How to Make Fresh Coconut Cream (an electricity-free recipe)

Coconuts are a delicious and nutritious element in tropical sustainable agriculture systems. Mature coconuts containing refreshing coconut water and dense white meat. Shredding and squeezing coconut cream from the meat allows you to use the cream in recipes (our favorite one is raw coconut ice cream). The leftover shreddings can be dehydrated for coconut flour […]