B Club

The Maui B Club meets once a month to learn about all things that support the bees. This includes hands-on experiences like bee removals, queen splitting, and hive set-up.

If you would like to join in on B Club activities, add your email to our member list: http://eepurl.com/bfLKIH

Why We Started the B Club

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We started the B Club because of all the questions that need to be answered. We feel like we have a few of the answers to some of these questions. We brought together people and got them honeybee hives so that we can educate them and give them advice on how to be better stewards and provide sanctuary for the bees.

I’m not talking about enslaving bees for production. I’m talking about providing a safe haven for bees so that we can help them in their fight for existence. Right now, Maui is one of the last places on the planet (along with Molokai and Australia) without the varroa mite (Varroa mites infest beehives and suck the life out of the bee larvae. People use miticide to control the mites.). Therefore, one of the last places that truly organic honey can be produced. Even though honey production is not the B Club’s intention. Our intention is more along the lines of sanctuary, good stewardship and creating environments.

Varroa mite [Source: Wikipedia]

Varroa mite [Source: Wikipedia]

Once you understand the relationships around you, nature can play a part in it. We then start a chain reaction of caretakers and ambassadors of stewardship.


It seems we live in a time where commonsense has become a lot less common and really smart people who are educated in many ways have missed very simple things. The B Club is a place to go and get, in very simple Layman’s terms, tips on good stewardship and how to be a good steward. How to take care of what you’re in the middle of. How to cook. How to grow things. How to create an environment around your bees that actually helps them thrive.


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In doing so you’re also helping yourself to thrive. It’s been shown that if you eat pollen or honey out of a honeybee hive that’s set up in your neighborhood, you’ll develop resistance to allergies of the things that they make honey from.


A lot of the problems that the bees have right now are due to people’s ignorance. Many don’t understand that the little things that they do in their neighborhood – everything from what goes in their laundry machine, spraying pesticide, herbicides like round up, triple 16 on their lawn to grow – it all affects the bees.

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Amathus cyrillus (with egg case): One of the greatest soil builders unknown to (most) man. One of the 3 worms we use in our Maui New Earth systems.

The bees are like a canary in the coal mine. It’s really important to have an understanding of what’s affecting them and then you’ll have an understanding of what’s affecting you.

So now we bring people together and we do a 100% farm-to-table dinner where and when we can educate people about the bees.



But not only the bees. We like to educate about all the symbiotic relationships that are going on around us. Once we really realize what is going on around us and we take the time to stop and observe, we realize we’re playing a part in this orchestrated movement. With a little more understanding of the complexity of the actions, reactions and repercussions of the footprint that we leave behind us, we have the chance to educate people to be able to serve and seed.

I feel like we walked quite a ways from nature towards the technology, but in doing so we’ve given up something very fundamental in an understanding of our existence and the part we play in a very complex equation. Now we have a chance to walk back to nature with the best of technology. We can make a close-to-zero footprint and truly create sustainability on the planet.


We bring a lot of smart people together, we make an awesome dinner, we talk about beautiful things and try to educate people in the ways that they can help you be better stewards.



Can we change the world? It’s up to each and every individual. The most powerful things I know of are to educate and to inspire. Those two tools together, with how far we’ve come and the technology that’s available to us, we should be able to take this planet to a whole nother level.

I feel like a path does not exist until you take the first step. The B Club offers a step in the right direction to a journey back to Mother Nature and understanding the roles we can play.

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