About Maui New Earth

A holistic approach to our children’s future. We are stewards to their dirt; their earth. We live in a time when many things are on the brink of extinction. We’re losing our precious dirt by bad management. We grow food with chemical fertilizers but we cannot grow dirt with chemical fertilizers. In order to have healthy dirt we need to have life in the soil. When the dirt is alive so is our food.

Observation and patience. If we observe Mother Nature, all the answers are already there. We walked away from nature towards technology. And in the process many have lost their connection to the earth. It is time to walk back to nature with the right technology. Solar panels; cars that run on spring power, compressed air, fuel cells and magnetic bearings; cooking and heating off of methane biodigesters, wind generators, and electromagnetic energy, which is all around us. We have everything we need, it is only a matter of harnessing it. Farming it should be the same.  We have everything we need already present, it’s just a matter of management. We can grow and target plants for Potassium, Phosphorus and Nitrogen (NPK), eliminating the need for pesticides by keeping a healthy balance. We can allow the predator insects and pray insects (such as ladybugs and aphids) to exist together in balance. Biodiversity is key. It takes a whole forest to raise a tree.

For more information on the Maui New Earth philosophy, visit Our Mission page!


We welcome people who really have the want and need to be involved on a serious project that has the ability to change the world as well as yourselves. Our emphasis is on teaching you that Mother Nature is already perfect. We are participating observers, taking many ways of farming and putting them together – permaculture, vermiculture, aquaponics, biodynamics… All powered by closed-loop sustainable energy sources.

We have several functioning models that we work and teach out of. Our intention is to share our knowledge and resources.

What we are growing…
Avocado, mango, white sapote, dragon fruit, coconut, longon, guava, star apple, lychee, coffee, soursop, allspice, mulberry, tangelo, orange, 13 types of banana (many of which are native Hawaiian), star fruit, surinam cherry, poha berry, pomegranate, breadfruit, passion fruit, papaya, durian, papaya, jackfruit, moringa, katuk, edible bamboo, acai, cacao, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, Tahitian lime, Mandarin loquat, Meyer’s lemon, amarynth, gotu kola, vervain, popolo berry, various greens and flowers, vetiver grass, legumes, an array of veggies…