An Effective Rat Trap That Doesn’t Hurt Our Pueo

Today I want to share with you guys a different type of rat trap that is 99.9% effective*. Through the years rats learn to deal with the standard traps (you know, the ones you see in cartoons with hunks of cheddar on them). A lot of people get so frustrated that the traps aren’t working […]

What to Ask Before Planning a Regenerative Agriculture System

When people approach me and asked me to design and build a Maui New Earth (regenerative agriculture) system for them, I usually start off with a few simple questions. Our philosophy is that anything we create has to be a garden that nurtures the soul, as well both the sight and the “site”, as much as […]

One Illusion of What is Organic

A good friend sent us an email linking to a great article by the Healthy Home Economist, on the illusion of where our food comes from, and what should be considered organic and what is not. We think it’s a very educating article and we want to share another view on it. In case you […]

What We Learned Wearing Nice Clothes for a Day

The other day was an occasion where we had to get all dressed up (think slacks, button-down, belt, socks, shiny shoes and all). A far cry from the everyday board shorts, stained t-shirt, and bare feet. We learned quite a bit about ourselves and modern society from having to wear “nice clothes”… We learned… + Why people […]

Earthworms & Vetiver Building Mineral-Rich Soil

WORMS ARE SOIL BUILDERS They bring material up from deep in their tunnels and use grit inside their gizzards to break down rocks and other materials in the soil. They bring minerals to the surface and eat the droppings of leaf litter worms along with several other funguses and molds and organic materials on the surface. […]

An Introduction to Maui New Earth

I’m going to try and take you on a journey of the last 30 to 40 years of my relationship with this planet. Perhaps the story will bring you closer to the understanding of where you come from and where your food comes from and what our role is as stewards of this planet. Understanding that for […]

Video: Kids Like Worms

It is interesting to observe the contrasts between children and adults in their reaction to worms. Adults shy away in disgust while children lean towards in intrigue. We have been so programmed in our culture to fear dirt and bacteria and bugs, when there is so much knowledge and healing in these things. We have […]